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When the mortal nature of a dear one comes to visit, some advice and understanding is most appreciated.  Dr. Gawande, a medical doctor, is up to this sensitive task.  

Being Mortal takes us along with the good doctor as he attempts to prolong life.  But simply asking the doctor to prolong the life of a loved one is perhaps not in her or his best interest.  Dr. Gawande suggests we consider asking the loved one an important question before they are doused with medications and plumbed with tubes.

Kirkus, a book review website offered this review of Being Mortal.


With so much of Western tradition under attack today, it was refreshing, well shocking actually, to read an eloquent defense of Western tradition by a refugee Iranian who is married to a Chinese immigrant.  They share a young son named 'Max.'

Mr. Ahmari is a serious thinker and articulate writer.  His books helps explain how he ended up as a mass attending Catholic.  Well worth the read if interested in the origins of our traditions and beliefs. offers this review of The Unbroken Thread.

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