Martin Luther was nearly Canceled for his 'Dangerous' Ideas. Happy Reformation Day!

November 27, 2021

A 33-year-old Martin Luther expressed his ideas by posting 95 theses to the door of a Wittenburg church. For doing so, he was chased...


October 2, 2021 Newsletter

October 3, 2021

Have a Great Weekend! Boomer Gigs Apparently, for some, retirement is not all that it's cracked up to be. Some report missing the sense...


Is Cancel Culture Just a Zero-Sum Game?

July 29, 2021

“O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” – William Shakespeare, Othello...


Hearing Aids, Drones, and UNSOZIAL

July 4, 2021

The year is 2039. Facebook and Twitter have been taken over by the UN to preserve global peace and rebranded as UNSOZIAL. The acronym...


What Humpty Dumpty Can Teach us About Climate Alarmism

May 29, 2021

How 'Settled' science nearly succeeded in destroying mother nature's most perfect food. "I have high cholesterol," my mother sighed over...


The Year is 2039: Naked as a Hairy Chimp

May 15, 2021

The following is a serialized novel set in the year 2039. Wayne, the protagonist, is comfortably warehoused in a state owned late-stage...


The Coming Thanksgiving Dinner Rumble

October 14, 2021

What should be a pleasant harmonious family time, Thanksgiving day gatherings often turns into a rhetorical and gastrological rumble....


September 4, 2021 Newsletter

October 3, 2021

Have a Great Weekend! Boomer Reason Few things cause the heart to palpate more than a mask. Just ask Catherine Zeta-Jones. Intrigued to...


Feral Hogs Next Poster Child of Climate Alarmist

July 24, 2021

Having broken free from bondage, these critters are tearing up the world and contributing to our destruction according to the climate...


Hired and Fired By Al Gorithm

June 30, 2021

People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think. -Aldus Huxley I knew a man...


Eating Ourselves

May 26, 2021

How we fund the means of our dysfunction “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or...


October 9, 2021 Newsletter

October 11, 2021

Boomer Morning With spirits suspended and movements restricted, our forced subjugation to the Covid pandemic is growing weary. Like a...


One-Third of Retirees Go Back to Work. Why?

August 6, 2021

If you need the money, going back to work or keeping your job makes a lot of sense. But research has also revealed that even retirees of...


July 17: Boomers are Rolling in it.

July 16, 2021

... and the usual suspects are angling for a few squares. I think a trillion dollars has something like twelve zeros, a number one, four...


The Future- If You Dare

June 19, 2021

Remote control toilets and doorbells with facial recognition. Be afraid. “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past...


Modern Church Ladies

May 21, 2021

The Judgmentalist are everywhere. Back in 1986, some lowly Saturday Night Live costume courtier was asked to procure a laughably modest...


        outh is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips, and supple knees; it is a       matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.

Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite, for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of sixty more than a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.

Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust. Whether sixty or sixteen, there is in every human being's heart the lure of wonder, the unfailing child-like appetite of what's next, and the joy of the game of living. 
                    “Youth" by Samuel Ullman