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Food and Retirement

It was great being young! Eat anything in any quantity and your body took the abuse without complaint. If it did revolt, it would be short-lived and soon you were sleeping soundly again. Unfortunately, if you're a boomer or older, those days are over.

Being able to eat anything left us believing that everything we put in our mouth was healthy and good for us. Cheese nachos were a great source of both protein and fiber. A milkshake was necessary to wash down the cheeseburger and fries, and because you could buy one on every street corner, clearly it was food God intended us to eat at least once a day. Pizza too! So we did until we couldn't read the scale anymore because of an obstruction- our belly.

Joel Salatin has been preaching the benefits of eating healthy nutrient-dense food for decades. He still runs a farm and today, he runs his fingers over a keyboard and writes persuasively the benefits of eating healthy. I think you'll enjoy his essay. Read...

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