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One-Third of Retirees Go Back to Work. Why?

If you need the money, going back to work or keeping your job makes a lot of sense. But research has also revealed that even retirees of means go back to work. Maybe sheer boredom has them reentering the economy. For some, it will be the 'gig' economy.

Just what is the 'gig' economy? Today, many jobs require folks for a short-term project. Or employment opportunities are offered that allow one to work as many hours as they wish. And for retirees, short truncated work obligations is the perfect solution to not having enough to do.

The 'gig' economy is also looking for folks with skills and experience (usually virtues possessed by retirees). A young company or organization can use the insight and skill-set of an experienced executive or business owner. Nursing skills can find all sorts of opportunities both for pay and for volunteering. A retired truck driver with patience for children can become a part-time bus driver.

The pandemic has challenged our notion of security. Life can become precarious due to a virus likely leaked from a foreign research laboratory. If economic inflation were to become a result, then our nest-egg may need to be adjusted.

If from sheer boredom or from necessity, the 'gig' economy can work well for those of us who want to enjoy a bit of free time.

This article explores a bit deeper how we might take advantage of the 'gig' economy.

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