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Fear of Retaliation, Students Remain Quiet

Most parents remain quiet for the same reason. But now, gingerly and with great trepidation, a few parents are beginning to ask questions. "What are you teaching our little Johnnie and Suzy?"

Even tony private schools with annual per-student fees of $40,000 are found coddling the latest anti-racist theories and transgender malarkey. One such school has been busy photocopying pamphlets of what words are permissible and which ones are not. 'Parents' is out and 'folks' is in. More inclusive they say. 'Mother' is a no-no and 'father' will likely get you sent to the principal's office. Gender is what you get 'assigned' at birth and, the pamphlet claims, 'sexuality can be fluid along the course of a person's life.' The school is Grace Church School in New York.

Bari Weiss, formerly of the New York Times, went deep into these troubling halls of learning and wrote a most interesting essay. Read here.

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