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Government: Efficient When Motivated.

Two major things happened in America today. 1. The outrage of our political elites has taken the political carcass of a president, impaled it on the spear of impeachment, and drug it across the finish line before time expired. High fives all around. 2. On the same day, according to the CDC, 4098 Americans died because of COVID-19.

The first item illustrates how efficient government can be when motivated by intense hatred and a pathological need to continue to bludgeon the already politically dead. The second item shows just how inept government can be. Millions of vaccines lie frozen in warehouses while state health department dither as to who should be next. In the State of Washington, on the health department website is a link to a 72-page document titled 'Washington States Plan.' Each page is stamped 'draft.' It appears to have already been abandoned.

Most Americans, when asked, have no idea when they might become vaccinated. It appears the various departments of health are more concerned about our willingness to take the vaccine than to actually concern themselves with the giving of the vaccine. The elderly who live independently, have no idea when they might be summoned for the shot. I'm quite certain health departments have no idea how to call or message 80 year-olds who still drive their own cars.

If our political leadership could attack the challenge of vaccinating its citizens with the same zeal as they spear their political opponents, lives might actually be saved. Life might return to normal just a little sooner. Restaurants could reopen and travel could again be enjoyed.


From the web- 'Whataboutism'

William Voegeli is senior editor of the Claremont Review of Books and wrote an excellent essay called 'Whataboutism.' Click here to read the essay.

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