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How Will Coyotes Howl Without Sheet Music?

Perhaps the spring winds have stirred microbes or distributed evaporated sun-dried neurotransmitter remnants and have resulted in a 'new' kind of lunacy. Maybe it's the full moon overhead. The coyotes think so.

Just today, the finest synapses Oxford University has to offer, have found the syntax of notated sheet music to be offensive. Yes, sheet music with lines and dots and other important musical symbols is a relic from the 'colonial' days- racist actually with links to white supremacy. The lunacy would have us know no harmony, no Beethoven, and no Crescendo from Opende.

It is painful to see grown, mature, educated people howl like coyotes at the moon. The pack soon grows frenzied with howls reaching a crescendo of mutated nonsense. Heated well beyond what is required for a rabbit hunt, the pack preens, and sniffs and arches way back for another empty howl at the moon.

Keen cultural observer and historian, Dr. Victor Hanson, articulates a frightening aspect of the current Woke howlings in his latest essay. The growing racism of the anti-racists. Read the essay here.

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