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The Elect: Woke Theology

It must have become uncomfortable. Finally, she blurted, "It's what I believe and that's all I'm going to say!" She may have grown weary of my questions or felt unable to articulate a persuasive argument- or at least one that would shut me up. So we let go of our discussion tip-toeing the many deep holes surrounding theology and return to the comfortable.

Today, we still are made uncomfortable by those who hold differing views. They too, when asked the meaning of their various beliefs will grow irritable and even angry. Angry because their perspectives are obviously true and logical and should be easily understood and agreed to. And if pushed back, they throw up their hands and mutter, "There is no 'saving' some people."

'Saving' people is what they most want to do. Some nearly take on the crown of a savior in their zeal to convert. They write books, they preach, they lecture, they are full of new-found purpose, and they arrogantly believe they have been imbued with the 'truth.' They are the elect.

Linguistic professor at Columbia University, John McWhorter, offers a most interesting take on this phenomenon. Read essay.

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