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The History of Forced Apologies

As children, we all remember when a sibling or friend demanded we apologize for a misdeed. If not, off to mother they waddle. Apologize now and this all goes away or the long arm of mother's law would strike a blow for justice. Depending on your mother's idea of justice, some would opt for the apology so play could resume without trial and punishment.

Marxism, demanding purity of belief to the party most found impossible to live to, found public apologies the perfect public relations tool to keep the little people and the senior influencers alike inline. To add to the drama, the humbled apologizer, with head hanging in submission, was either put to death anyway or delivered to the gulag to die. This happened by the millions.

Many are finding bone-chilling similarities to what is happening in the social media fueled 'outrage' machine of 'Wokedom.' Someone of note writes, says, hums, or belches something another finds offensive (the new word to describe disagreement), the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook children scream in collective outrage and demand an apology. Those who wish to stay playing in the sandbox, apologize. Dejected and demoralized, they go into hiding hoping to reemerge someday to even greater standing.

On this subject, David Mikics, writing for Tablet, offers an outstanding essay titled 'Death to Me.' Read essay

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