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When Taught What to Think

It is interesting to watch smart people ponder. Temples pulsate as the insufferably curious consider each big question. Some questions require a look back and some a speculative peek at the future. Then there are the questions that require both as if standing at an intersection.

Today, a growing number of smart people are looking closely at the origins and meaning of academia's obsession with race. From the Claremont Institute to Bari Weiss, a former New York Times editor, to parents, a picture emerges that should alarm every parent of school-aged children.

A parent of a young girl wrote a powerful letter to his school which has gone viral. Judging from the response, he is far from alone. Mr. Gutmann believes those entrusted with the education of his daughter have lost their way. He wrote;

Lastly, I object, with as strong a sentiment as possible, that Brearley has begun to teach what to think, instead of how to think. I object that the school is now fostering an environment where our daughters, and our daughters’ teachers, are afraid to speak their minds in class for fear of “consequences.” I object that Brearley is trying to usurp the role of parents in teaching morality, and bullying parents to adopt that false morality at home. I object that Brearley is fostering a divisive community where families of different races, which until recently were part of the same community, are now segregated into two. These are the reasons why we can no longer send our daughter to Brearley.

Mr. Gutmann's letter is a must-read says Bari Weiss. Read here.

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