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When the Elites Flee

Academic Micheal Lind writes of the destruction of the American two party system. It's crumbling under the heat of red-hot rhetoric and frequent faux outrages. Instead of encouraging the continuance of a system that has served this nation so well, the elites are hell-bent on destroying it with unknown consequences.

The leaders of both parties have weaponized anarchic mobs against their rivals—the Democrats, by tacitly encouraging and bailing out foundation-funded NGO staffers with secret identities and superhero-style antifa outfits during the tolerated riots of summer 2020, and now the squalid, defeated demagogue Donald Trump, unleashing his own costumed followers on the U.S. Capitol itself. As a rule, comparisons between the United States and Weimar Germany or late republican Rome are misleading, but when rival elite political factions tolerate or encourage mob violence in the streets, the comparisons might be forgiven.

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